City Extra is one of the few places in Sydney’s city area (outside the Chinatown area) that opens late. It is also extremely conveniently located at the ferry wharf and has a great view of the harbour.

It’s casual dining, and slightly pricey, but one afternoon after getting off the ferry from Kirribilli, I was too hungry to care, and the ability to sit next to the window and gaze out at the Harbour Bridge was definitely most attractive.

cool menu huh.

a perfect spot to people watch and just enjoy the view…

cappuccino – coffee everywhere in sydney is generally good – this was… not one of the better coffees I had (after all, it’s casual dining, not a cafe with a proper barista and all) but it was passable.

raisin toast, which was surprisingly quite good. crisp and the butter melted nicely into the toast.

seafood crepe. This was an appetiser size portion (the main course portion comprises two crepes), and was more than enough for me for a meal. It’s a bit… jelak with the cream and all, so even though it was quite tasty and smooth, the crepe skin had a great texture and the filling comprised nice seafood chunks, i struggled towards the end to finish it.

Everything cost about S$40, which is honestly a bit pricey for what I had, but given the location, I’m not really complaining (too much).