Before long, I was craving for Asian food hurhur. While shopping in Westfield one weekend, I came across Ippudo (which is actually next to Tim Ho Wan and Owndays and Chatime and for a moment I thought I was back in SG).

At this point, staring at the menu, I really wished Pugs was with me so I could order more stuff. Nonetheless, I settled on one appetiser and one ramen.

crab frits. These were slightly oily, but ohsocrispy and SO ADDICTIVE.

This was a winter special seasonal ramen that I decided to try, but I think I prefer the original Ippudo ramen better.

I had always intended to find time to go back to try the original again, to compare it against Singapore’s version and Japan’s version, but I never got the opportunity to. I heard that the stock is slightly different in each country to suit the local palate. I bet Japan still wins hands down though.