Jamie’s Italian is right smack in Sydney’s CBD, and is always packed with office workers for lunch and after work. I finally got round making a reservation, and squeezed into its tiny entrance at a corner of Pitt Street, before being led upstairs (downstairs being mostly, the bar area, and some communal-ish seating) for my meal.

Photos are not great because the lighting was really dim 😦

Portobello mushrooms coated in herby breadcrumbs, served with garlic mayo
This was good; crispy, nicely done, and would appeal to even people who don’t eat mushrooms (like me…) the garlic mayo went very well with it too and the breadcrumbs didn’t overpower the flavour of the mushrooms too much (unlike some places where after the frying, you can barely taste the original taste of the food…)

Fresh white & brown crab, crunchy fennel, smashed avocado, yoghurt & chilli
I really really enjoyed this. All the ingredients went really well together, it was light but tasty, and was very refreshing and appetising. I would go back just for this.

OUR FAMOUS PRAWN LINGUINE (A$16.90) appetiser size
Fried garlicky prawns with fennel, tomatoes, chilli, saffron, fish broth & lemony rocket
The pasta was handmade (and you could tell it was done well) but the dish was quite normal and not… as good as I expected it to be.

I never went back to Jamie’s Italian again after that although I generally enjoyed my meal (and particularly the appetisers). It does seem a tad overrated and it was a bit too crowded and noisy (sound echoes in the restaurant and normal level of chatter became too loud for me to enjoy my meal).