While in Sydney, I also managed to catch the Sydney Film Festival.

It is the only time in the year you can watch a film/movie at the State Theatre, and although there were many many worthwhile films, I had to experience the State Theatre for myself. I picked Elvis meets Nixon, a film starring Kevin Spacey and Michael Shannon, which plays out the day Elvis met Nixon at the White House. True Story (well, the meeting is a true story. the film is fiction).

I had to rush out of my office and run to the State Theatre to make it for the 7pm film, but I didn’t regret it one bit.

Entering the State Theatre, i really felt like I had stepped into an institution steeped in history. Sure it may not have state of the art facilities, but the facade and decor inside was really well designed and… lavish.

The film was good; and we even had an extra treat before the main movie, where The King was screened, and the main actor, Andy, came in person, and serenaded the audience with a couple of songs, LIVE, sounding remarkably like elvis himself.