One rainy rainy rainy weekend morning, I made the long trek out of the CBD to Alexandria to visit the Grounds of Alexandria.

The Grounds is located in the industrial area of Alexandria, comprising a cafe, a restaurant and some other stuff (hurhur) and is a fantastic way to spend a weekend morning. The entire area is charmingly decorated, giving the feel of a farmhouse + gardens + much cheerfulness, even through the dreary weather. Every Saturday and Sunday, there is also a market selling really interesting, unique and locally made goods.

This was the ‘itinerary’ I took to spend a very enjoyable and pleasant morning.

Starting off with breakfast at the Cafe:

the coffee roasting section within the cafe!

breakfast. a hazelnut snail. nomnom.

and a deconstructed mocha to kickstart my day.

pouring in the coffee after the milk (although im not quite sure which i should have done first) – caffeine in a little glass container that looks like it came from the drugstore hee.

all done! (actually most of it was just fun – the coffee was good, but the deconstructed-ness is really… to add up fun into the meal.

After finishing my breakfast and caffeinated, I proceeded to walk around the Grounds:

cute little pushcart stalls outside the cafe.

the cart in front supposedly sells really good donuts (they really did smell v good) but I was too stuffed from breakfast to have any 😦

atm machine disguising as a phone booth!

wheelbarrow and signpost.

some lucky kid was celebrating her first birthday!

Then I followed the yellow balloons to the fair (the market)!

And finally, the market. Possibly because it was raining, it wasn’t very crowded, but I had a pleasant time strolling through all the stuff sold (and spending quite a bit buying gifts and little trinkets I couldn’t resist!)

After spending enough money at the market, I headed back to the main area and explored the garden. So much greenery and flowers… if only the weather was better. There is plenty of seating at the gardens where you can buy food either from the gardens itself (burgers and shakes etc) or from the pushcart stalls outside the Cafe, and sit anywhere in the garden to chill. It was so bustling with activity and people, with live singing and hanging plants and flowers for sale, the whole vibe was just… really uplifting.

flowers for sale

i would have loved to sit at one of these repurposed tables, but oh well…

the “greenhouse”

and after smelling all the food in the gardens, I had worked up an appetite, and so I headed over to The Potting Shed where I got a table by the bar – perks of travelling solo – no queues for food!

greeted by the resident parrot.

all the hanging plants, brightly lit with natural light despite the rain, and just a very refreshing feel to the whole place.

the menu. look at the cute spade!

and more spades at the bar for beer – it was just the attention to details throughout the entire grounds that made the entire experience so much more interesting and special.

tap water. haha. but it was so pretty I had to take a photo of it as well.

seafood risotto which was really fresh and tasty.

It was such a pleasant morning despite the rain; and I was back in the CBD in time to visit another market and do some more shopping before the shops closed for the day. Highly recommended weekend activity for the whole family.