I had a fried chicken craving one night and so after googling and trying to find places not too far away that was still open, I finally decided on Butter.

The website described it as a “sneaker,fried chicken and champagne bar”, but even with that description, I was still quite not quite prepared for where I was about to have my meal.

Trudging down Hunt Street, I walked past the place twice before hovering around the door hesitantly after making doubly sure that the “butter” sign belonged to that unit. It had loud music emanating from the inside, dim interior that reminded me of… well, a cocktail bar, and the sneaker showcase could hardly (to me) be considered a shop selling sneakers… I honestly thought it was just the display shopfront and the shop itself was somewhere else. You would never expect this place to sell fried chicken.

I had the 3pac (1 thigh piece, 2 tenders, side of slaw) (A$16) and a side of miso corn (A$4). The fried chicken was alright but the really really amazing part of the meal was the CORN. It was covered in miso butter that melted into every single kernel of corn. sinful max, but oh so delicious.

I topped off my meal with a cider, but the people around me were all having fancy drinks. If Pugs was around I would probably have tried a fancy drink, but I didn’t want to walk around the streets at night and have to navigate my own way home too intoxicated hur.

The seating area is not big – you order at the counter and perch on high stools, there’s also standing room to just chill in a big group and stuff your face. Not a place for intimate conversation, but had a very lively vibe. Visit it once, at least. and go back for the corn.