Similar to City Extra , not too far away at The Rocks is another popular 24-hour eatery, Pancakes on the Rocks .

There appears to perpetually be a queue; winding down the staircase out onto the streets, but the queue moves and the place is quite big, so the wait is not as bad as it looks.

I was there for dinner one weekday, and I had a savoury crepe, and sweet pancakes.

seafood crepe (A$15.95) – this was not bad – Both the crepe and the filling was done quite well, and was generally a satisfying meal (obv I could not finish BOTH crepes, but there was no option for a half size).

macadamia madness $12.95 – the pancakes were very underwhelming – not to say they were bad in any way, but after the long queue and the crowds and the hype, and also the fact that they have their own brand of pancake mix that is sold at the cashier, I expected something better…

Service was brisk and the staff were all very efficient despite the crowd and noise. Many could balance three large heavy plates and walk up and down the stairs quickly to all the seating areas. I was most impressed by that hurhur.

Reasonably priced and a good place for a hearty supper, but I probably wouldn’t bother if there was a long queue.