If you have a day free and a car, I suggest spending a relaxing day at Kiama (Wollongong), to the south of Sydney.

This entry is on the Nan Tien Temple, where we spent a pleasant morning and topped it off with a nice vegetarian lunch.

The Nan Tien Temple is the biggest Buddhist temple in the Southern hemisphere, and is a perfect place to start your day, spending an hour or two feeling peaceful and serene heh.

aside from the main temple building, visit the surroundings too, there is a small museum, a small gallery with different exhibits, and this big bell you can sound. I’m not buddhist or religious, but it was a pleasant and calming experience.

hehe i found this v cute.

After walking around and working up an appetite, Nan Tien Temple has two eating areas, a dining hall and the Dew Drop Inn where we ate – a teahouse serving vegetarian food.

The entire teahouse was so nicely decorated that I was a bit too embarrassed to take photos, and so this single photo really doesn’t do it justice. It has nice wooden benches and tables, buddha sculptures and just a general vibe of quietness and … zen.

lotus tea

lemongrass tea

curry noodles

wanton noodles

curry rice

lemongrass “pork” rice

salt and pepper tofu.

Of it all, the salt and pepper tofu was the best. We even wanted to order one more plate of it – the tofu was fluffy and very very tasty. The curry was not bad too. The rest were normal and not particularly memorable. And I highly recommend that everyone tries the lotus tea at least once. It comes with a whole lotus flower infused in the pot and was light and fragrant.