After the Nan Tien Temple, we headed first to the famous Kiama Blow Hole for me to witness … the natural phenomenon heh.

the lighthouse

walking towards a smaller blow hole.

the blowhole when it’s not… blowing.

and WHOOSH. it’s really quite spectacular, you see the waves come in and once in a while, there’s a huge whoosh and a gush of water through the hole.

as the water recedes.

and builds up again…

and whoosh again! It’s accompanied by a very satisfying noise. You really have to see it to experience it.

i was most fascinated by it and stood there for a long time just staring and waiting.

A few steps away from the blowhole is also a really nice spot for a picnic, with green grass and blue sea. ahhh.

After the blowhole, we drove down to the rock pool where we were greeted with the most AMAZING scenery.

i took about 200 photos here, and none of them quite did the entire view justice. There was a swimmer who came to swim in the pool, and i was SO ENVIOUS. I wish I could have jumped in too. The water is so blue, the waves crashing, and the entire place was just… amazing.

The only way I was willing to leave the beautiful rockpool was to be tempted by food – we headed to the Kiama Fish Market for… tea.

We bought some sashimi and oysters and settled down for a makeshift picnic on the grass, again overlooking the most wonderful scenery. (my only concern was having our food stolen by the birds…)

look at the fresh oysters and salmon. NOM. we brought our own lemon juice and wasabi and soysauce, so if you plan to do this, do come prepared!

a helipad! between our picnic spot and the carpark.

the view we had while chomping on oysters.

By this time, it was getting late-ish, and so we started our drive back to Sydney. After a long day out, I settled in to cook a simple dinner for myself.

It was a really really nice day trip out to Kiama, and if I were in Sydney again, I would probably do this all over again. Simple, not very exciting, but extremely pleasant and relaxing.