bills is really famous for breakfast in Sydney. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough breakfasts to try out all the famous breakfast places hurhur. and so, Pugs and I headed to bills for dinner.

We started off with an alcoholic drink (I don’t remember what it was, but it was nice and refreshing.)

we started off with calamari (AUD15.50). It was nicely done, the batter was flavourful, but it wasn’t fantastic. the mango salad was… interesting :p reminded us of thai express haha.

grilled turmeric chicken – this was interesting – chicken was tender, and had a very strong asian influence. indian-ish. not bad. we quite enjoyed it but again, it was nothing that we would shout about.

chicken and brown rice broth. This tasted like… home. which was comforting, but not quite what i would expect from a ‘modern australian’ restaurant. hurhur. Again, this is consistent with a few places that were raved about and modern cuisine, it really failed to impress us too much possibly because we were too accustomed to the spices used.

Everything was cooked well and done very nicely, but i guess it just lacked the wow factor.

And perhaps we were a bit disappointed also because the reviews of bills were so good (but they were mostly for breakfast), and bills is supposed to be a real food establishment in Sydney. Oh well.

We decided to skip the desserts at bills and headed over to Gelato Messina for dessert.

the queue in the cold winter air.

nomnom. my only issue was how there was no SYSTEM to the queue. despite the line outside, you kinda jostle yourself inside and towards the counter (and this is difficult if you want to check out all the flavours); stand firmly at the counter at a front spot and catch someone’s attention to grab you your icecream. It was stressful when I went on my own (since i’m quite small as well and kept getting squeezed to the back and i can’t see in front of me with the people blocking…) but with Pugs it was okay.

photo’s not great but well. it was the best I could do in anticipation of digging in.

We stood outside the shop and ate our icecream while waiting for the bus. Most pleasant end to a night, and I would really recommend it to anyone heading to the many food places in Surry Hills for dinner to save space for gelato post-dinner. hehe.