I visited Max Brenner’s a couple of times (partly because it’s open late-ish, there was a branch near where I stayed and a nice cup of hot chocolate after work is always an attractive prospective) – there are multiple outlets all over Sydney, and other than the one in the CBD near my office/home, I also visited the one at the Manly ferry terminal. In comparison, I felt the one at Manly was better for some reason BUT the one in the CBD had a nice truffle counter and tasting section hurhur.

hugmug. hot chocolate with marshmallows. nomnomnom.

This was really quite good. Not too sweet, and great for sharing.

belgian chocolate waffle. This was not great. The waffle was the sticky sort that I don’t really like that much. oh well.

The inside of the CBD outlet – theres a HUGE barrel of chocolate melted and stirring the whole time, supposedly transported through the pipes to where the cashier / service counter is. Not sure if it’s real, but a cool concept nonetheless. heh.