Ms G’s is another restaurant of Merivale (similar to Felix).

I went to Ms G’s one night with a few friends for post-dinner desserts.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember what we had, but the two desserts we ordered were really really good. We had originally wanted to try Tella Balls (a place famous for its nutella donut ball things) but we definitely didn’t regret this. We even ordered two pork belly sliders on top of dessert, despite just having had dinner. Everything was SO GOOD. And if you visit Ms G’s in the day, there’s also a nice view upstairs out of the glass windows.

They serve modern asian cuisine, and is interestingly decorated, with communal tables, graffiti wall, industrial grunge and all. I wish I had time to go back to try their mains. Oh well.

crowded on a Thursday night, but you can see the potential view out the glass windows in the day.

The bar area

The menu

and now here comes photos of food. I can’t describe it properly, but Ms G’s is definitely a place you should experience for yourself – the entire ‘feel’ of the place, the quality of the food, and the bustle and vibe. It’s great for post-work drinks too.

Desserts were great for sharing. Nom.

I’m not sure if they take reservations, but you should really try to make a reservation before going. We went about an hour before closing on a weekday night, and it was still quite packed.