On our way to Chinatown, we stopped by Skyview Plaza for really good and affordable udon. Located inside Skyview Plaza along George Street, it is this really authentic looking Japanese udon eatery, where they have a menu at the door, you decide before joining the queue (or risk feeling super stressed at the counter when you hold up everyone behind).

This was a rare lull moment with empty seats that we managed to catch. Immediately before and after this shot, the place was filled (even individual seats were taken by solo diners – which included me the first time I visited this place without Pugs).

Pugs had a soba. I’m not a fan of soba, but he was most pleased with his piping hot soup.

mentaiko udon – the mentaiko had a very strong fishy taste, which overpowered the taste of the soup. The udon I had the first time (the plain udon soup) was much better. Having said that, it was still enjoyable and I love the springy texture of the udon here – better than the usual udon we have in Singapore!

There is also quite a decent selection of freshly fried tempuras and sides, but we were counting calories after having completely overeaten in the past few weeks, and with much difficulty, settled on these.

Nomnom. and very affordable by Sydney standards.

Immediately after udon, we headed NEXT DOOR, to have FLOWER ICECREAM. Originating from Thailand and run by Thai people, we had to wait almost half an hour for our icecream which was painstakingly made petal by petal.

I think the ice cream was more expensive than our lunch for one person, but totally worth it for the photos hahaha. And it wasn’t just aesthetically pleasing, it tasted good too!

you have to pick the flavours of the icecream based on the colours to have a nice looking flower heh. You can specify how you want the layers, or leave it to them. We left it to them.

We left with much happiness in our bellies.