Lindt Cafe at Martin Place, famous for the 2014 hostage crisis hurhur.
I went once without Pugs, and then on the day we were leaving Sydney, we made another visit there as our last stop after checking out of my apartment and before leaving for the airport.

It sometimes has promotions (the first time I went, there was one for one hot chocolate but there was only one of me and there was no way i could have TWO cups of hot chocolate on my own…). When I went with Pugs, there was 50% off their molten lava cake, which we obviously decided to have.

The shop has a lovely counter for truffles, as well as a section that retails gifts and other chocolates.

mocha. with a square chocolate on top that melted nicely into the drink. nomnom.

molten chocolate cake with vanilla icecream. DECADENCE but oh so good. There’s no way one person can eat this by himself though, I think. Sharing was just right, but even then it was already a bit too sweet and heavy. But so good. Nom.

We sat around and bought some truffles home as well. It’s a very nice place to spend an afternoon, and actually not too noisy/cramp when crowded. It’s also open on weekends, which is rare in the CBD.