One evening, Pugs and I were too lazy to move our asses from the couch watching Netflix (and also tired out from walking everywhere within the city), we decided to take advantage of an Ubereats promotion, and ordered Waterman’s Lobster Co on UberEats.

The food took about 45 minutes to come, and we could track the location of the driver so Pugs could meet him at the lobby of my apartment to grab the food from him.

As usual, we went slightly overboard with the ordering…

little fried prawns. haha. I liked this quite a lot, it was a nice crunchy snack, nicely seasoned too.

scallops – which were nice and large and juicy, but probably because of the delivery, was a bit gooey and clumpy.

calamari. These were a bit soggy too, but the sauce was quite good.

lobster roll. This was okay, but honestly a bit… meh. The lobster was quite dry and the bun was underwhelming.

All in all, the food was acceptable, but nothing to shout about. To be fair, some of it must be attributable to the time lag in delivery (food never tastes as good when delivered…) but we didn’t have a chance to actually try out the restaurant. Having said that, I probably wouldn’t bother with the lobster rolls even at the restaurant. We’ve had much better in Singapore (and I’ve had much much better in Newyork hurhur.)