Darling Harbour regularly has fireworks on Saturday nights, and we decided that we had to do the touristy thing of watching them. So one Saturday night, I made a reservation for Blue Fish, and we headed down for dinner and to wait for the fireworks.

Darling Harbour in itself was a decidedly unpleasant experience (though I did buy two dresses at AUD15 each which I am convinced came from China) – it was crowded, packed, noisy and just generally chaotic and unlike any other nice civilised part of Sydney. Even Chinatown felt less claustrophobic and noisy.

However, Blue Fish managed to provide a nice respite. I had requested for an outdoor table so that we could have a view of the fireworks.

We had a two person grilled seafood platter, which was really quite good. The photo doesn’t quite do it justice because it was dark and we couldn’t wait to dig in – it smelt really really good too. In particular, the scallops, the squid and the prawns were great. The salmon and the crab were good too, but not oooooh.

We really enjoyed our dinner so much that we decided to get desserts there as well.

Before dessert came, here’s an obligatory (lousy) photo of the fireworks.

The fireworks were much much better in person than in these photos – and you can see the crowd gathering standing around, so what better place than to watch it while having dinner, seated comfortably and away from the crowd. YAY.

molten brownie with passionfruit sauce. It was not bad – the combination of sweet and sour was just right, the icecream provided a nice balance too. In Pugs’ words, you have to eat it all together, not separately, otherwise it’s not nice.

We walked around the harbour for a [very short] while, before heading back, away from the crowds and tourists.

Still, it was a decent experience, made good by the food and comfortable views of the fireworks, and if it is your first time to Sydney, do try it!