We take a break from Sydney to catch up on some places we’ve been to in Singapore!

Telok Ayer is generally empty on weekends, but when I have to work over the weekend, I like having a nice brunch at a cafe to start my day well.

Free The Robot, along Telok Ayer – this shares the same place as (and at night, transforms into) Bitters&Love.

it’s really quite nicely decorated, with lots of natural light streaming in, cute robots and lovely murals.

order here!

coffee. with cute cups 🙂 the coffee was not bad.

chicken meatballs, which were really tasty despite how healthy it looks. I would definitely have this again. But what stole the show was the really really adorable and friendly resident dog! The dog makes appearances sometimes on weekends, and is really active (hence the blur in the photo…) If you’re lucky, you may get to meet him!

salmon and egg croissant. This was good too; the salmon wasn’t too salty, the croissant was flaky but not excessively oily and tasted really good, and the egg balanced everything out.

The menu is slightly limited, but I’d definitely come back here anytime for brunch. It has a really relaxing vibe, is near my office, and the food and coffee are good. noms.

and more photos to round up!

the entrance.