Pugs and I made the long trek to Singapore Expo one day to check out Fart Tartz because I was curious about pasta in jars hurhur.

chye por cappellini – this was served cold – it was quite interesting and an interesting enough combination.

salted egg yolk pasta – this was not cold, but it wasn’t quite warm either. i didn’t like this very much, and i felt the chye por one was alot more palatable and refreshing. This was a bit heavy and gelak.

We also had two cakes and coffee. The cakes were also in jars (which is more common than hot food lah) and thankfully the coffee wasn’t.

The cakes were okay, but as with my previous experience with cake in jars, it just doesn’t taste as… fine and well made…

in summary (hurhur) my personl opinion is that this jar thing is nonsense; just serve me my food on a plate. The jar didn’t add anything to the experience (except to make the food quite difficult to eat logistically…) and i kinda like being able to reach to what i want to eat, rather than have to eat layer by layer…

[it would be a nice touch if they let us bring home the jars though!]