Pugs brought me to Fish & Chicks one morning for brunch. It’s located at some kopitiam at AMK and it made me realise that singaporeans are really willing to travel for food, and that the environment doesn’t really matter.

we order at the counter and then take a number. We waited about half an hour.

salted egg sauce and chilli crab sauce, drizzled on top of fried fish fillet. The fish was okay; the salted egg and chilli crab sauces were okay… but generally… it was just… quite okay. there was really nothing spectacular about it and not something i would queue or wait an extended period of time for…

we also had three chicken wings. which were not bad. heh. fried chicken wings can’t go too wrong hurhurhur.

i guess.. it’s quite an innovative thing for a western stall in a coffee shop to come up with, and i’m glad it paid off for them with the crowds – i recommend trying it once and you can decide for yourself. i’d definitely go if i lived nearby though!