Wolls has been to Bedrock before, and she wanted to share the noms with me (especially since we had a 1-for-1 discount thanks to the Entertainer app (how about a free membership for plugs huh Entertainer?).

The deco in Bedrock was very… dark. I suppose it was designed for intimate gatherings. I’m not a fan of the low lighting (especially since that means our photos are going to turn out grainy or blurred).

Wolls is quite the fan of garlic, and the baked garlic in soaked in olive oil to act as a spread on freshly baked bread(?) was most excellent. The bread was soft and warm and really was a great way to start dinner. Greedily we ordered the bone marrow. It was my first time eating bone marrow, and I can’t say that I liked it that much. It was rich, and tasted much like a form of fat, and went very well on the little piece of toasted bread, but it was much too rich for my tastes, and it quickly got jelak.

Bone Marrow, good in small portions

… and we also ordered baked sweet potato with bacon and blue cheese. It usually comes slathered on, but because Wolls isn’t a fan of cheese, and I’m not a fan of the blue we got it separated, but still served so we can try it. The sweet potato was really my attempt at adding something “healthy” to the meal. :).

And to the main course!

USDA Prime Dry-aged Ribeye 300g
Bedrock Pepper Steak – F1 Wagyu – 300g

While both steaks were good, the USDA ribeye was the surprising winner. One would expect a wagyu label to be better, but in this case, the wagyu seemed a tad lean, which led to the ribeye with its necessary fat in the middle to win out.

All in all, we will certainly be back! (and we were given how long it took me to write this post!)