omg it’s been such a long time 😦 I will try at some point to continue my experiences in Sydney (I really should have been more consistent when I was there), but in any event, catching up on backlog!

Was a bukittimah a few weeks ago, and decided to check out Crown Bakery for a quick lunch. For some reason, I didn’t take a photo of its interior, but it was really bright with lots of natural light; and gave a very relaxing cheery feeling. I wished I had more time to park myself there with a book. Oh well, next time, maybe.

Starting with my usual skinny flat white in a cheerful blue cup. Not bad.

This was quite interesting – poached egg on top of thick french toast; with potatoes, bacon, carrots and other veg. It was actually very enjoyable and tasty. I shared a plate with my friend because we wanted the sweet breads to try as well, but I would gladly have inhaled this plate all by myself.

Cinnamon roll – didn’t regret this – although I could have inhaled the savoury bread AND this cinnamon roll on my own, and top it off with the coffee hehe.

Matcha croissant – my friend liked this, but i didn’t enjoy it very much – a bit too sweet and slightly artificial tasting for me.

The Bakery also sells bread and other pastries for takeaway. I would love to spend a weekend afternoon just chilling here – not too noisy or crowded (at least on that Sunday afternoon I was there).