I went to this place with a couple of friends, and quite enjoyed it so I decided to drag Pugs there one evening after work. I used to have this fish quite often the year I lived in Beijing, so it was quite pleasant memories (although of course the china ones are much better (with dubious ingredients)).

We started off with some 拉皮 (lapi), and then Pugs wanted 凉粉 which we then added on.

It looks scarily red and oily, but was actually okay.

The FISH. So how this place works is that you buy the fish for a fixed price ($38 i think?) and then you add on ‘stuffings’, which you pay based on how much/what type you order. We had this fish with the mild sweet sauce (鱼香). When I was here with my friends previously, we had the mildly spicy sauce, which was already a bit too spicy for us, so I decided to try something that might be more enjoyable (and it was a good choice, I think). So don’t be too ambitious!

Part of the stuffing. You can’t really see, but we had squid, tofu and lotus root with the fish – all good (although I would probably skip the squid for a meat or something next time).

The portion was just right for the two of us. When I came with two other friends, we ordered a bit too much stuffing and we were… stuffed and couldn’t finish our meal.

The fish isn’t the freshest (but I guess it doesn’t have to be, drenched in sauce), but it’s a good communal dinner experience.