Oriole is actually one of my favourite places to go, whether for brunch, dinner or drinks. It also helps that it’s on #entertainer2018 and therefore has one for one off its main courses. You should inform the staff if you’re using Entertainer though, because they then whip out another menu that you can order from so you don’t have to fret about what’s on offer and what’s not covered. The prices are not marked up (i checked), so it’s really just for convenience and the avoidance of doubt.

We had dinner that night, before heading off to watch a movie at Cineleisure (too old for cineleisure really) but otherwise I love just sitting there – chilling and listening to the live music. It’s also a good place for drinks after stuffing your face with steaks at bedrock / brotzeit / other places at 313 hurhur. The coffee is good too.

We each had a cold brew (one with milk and one without), ribs and burger, and added on a side of spam fries. indulgent max. Everything was okay – i must say the food is not spectacular, but it’s good enough for the price you pay (and super worthwhile on the app) and it really is a nice place for coffee/drinks and to catch up in town without feeling too claustrophobic (not that it doesn’t get crowded on weekends).