This post is more than a year overdue, but we enjoyed our meal so much at Pollen, I felt like I had to post it anyway. This was for Pugs’s birthday last year (and I will soon post dinner from his birthday this year…). We both really enjoyed our dinner at Pollen and Pugs still thinks it’s the most enjoyable meal we had (together with Jaan – I think Jaan for lunch is more value for money, plus it has a wonderful view and impeccable service) – and the food was great. We also took a nice walk around the Gardens pre and post dinner (to work off the calories). See if you can identify the food based on the menu (which I understand changes, so you’re probably going to eat something different if you go now). I might go again to take better photos (what a lousy excuse to just stuff my face hehe.)

20170720_192225 (1)