I had always wanted to try chef’s table – the website describes as follows:

We will offer a selection of 28 key ingredients, to give our diners a clearer picture of the daily used produce. Our guests can simply cross out produce they don’t like or don’t feel like eating that day – and Chef’s will take those in consideration, including any dietary restriction – or option for vegetarian or vegan.

It’s our goal to not serve our guests the exact dish twice – no signature dishes, no repetition.

Fascinating no? So Pugs’s birthday was a perfect excuse for me to make a reservation there. We had the 6-course meal at S$128++ per person, which was not excessively indulgent or extravagant for a special occasion and good food.


This was the list of ingredients we were provided with, and I said that I didn’t want cheese, yogurt and lamb.


Everything was good – the tastes were well balanced, and it was nicely matched. We really enjoyed every bit of our meal, and I would be interested in coming back to see what variations the chef can come up with. I think that would be the more unique bit. If any other diners have been here, let me know if what you ate was different!

Do reserve though, because we went on a Tuesday evening and the restaurant was full by the time we left at about 8.30. 🙂