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The Adventures of Pugs and Wolls

Pugs has wolls and one day, Pugs met Wolls. They decided to head on an adventure together and share these out of office escapades with the world cos you know, sharing is caring. Unfortunately, Wolls doesn’t get out of the office much and Pugs is inert and homey and likes his dark corner buried in his mountain of pillows. But we shall see where this adventure takes them, so hop on and join in the feasting and travelling. Feasting occurs mostly in Singapore, unless accompanied by travelling.

They hope to hear from you too (but no, there’s no need to point out that feasting leads to more wolls), so leave a comment, drop a message and when Pugs emerges from his mountain of pillows, he might just make friends. (in comparison with other species, pugs are alot less snarly and growly, despite their scrunched up wrinkly look.)

Pugs will always have Wolls. hurhur.


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