Pugs and wolls have been busy with life, and the backlog of food we ate was too fast and furious for updates. wolls also went to eat lots of very very good food in many foreign countries travelling by herself on many short trips over a few months, but the thought of sorting the photos and uploading them and writing about them is too tiresome and then she procrastinated too much. However, wolls has settled into a new job and will attempt to revive this blog. So we shall start from scratch.

(wolls is not sure why she is writing in third person.)

So here’s the first post after a long hiatus!

Wolls has been to Sinfonia once with her friends for their set lunch recently, and fell in love with some of the food they had. Sinfonia has a really valueformoney weekend omakase buffet and so she dragged Pugs down on weekend to try it. Essentially, you pay $52++ for 12 dishes, free flow. They first bring out the dishes course by course, and before the dessert, you can order more of whatever you liked.

Wolls really enjoys Sinfonia because of its quiet setting and its location – in town but away from the hustle and bustle, in the historic building of VCH. The roasted octopus is REALLY REALLY GOOD. Wolls also likes the liver brulee alot (it’s interesting cos the top is caramelised and sweet, with the liver pate below) – on bread, it’s just quite wonderful. The risotto was also great. We had two helpings of the risotto and the octopus, but honestly, after the first round, we were so stuffed that seconds were actually just us being really greedy. The desserts were not fantastic so if there’s space, have more octopus. They have a really interesting and extensive wine selection too.

On weekdays, try their set lunch. As a bonus to this post, here are the photos from Woll’s set lunch with her friends.

The octopus was done differently, but both ways were good. There was also pasta, and the liver brulee is also available at lunch. But the highlight of lunch is the smoked duck, which comes smoking, and tastes and smells… smoky. must try.

In conclusion…

HAVE THE FOLLOWING: Roast octopus; smoked duck; liver brulee; sea urchin risotto.